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EFA Leadership


Chair, Trustees 

Michael Goldstein, Babson College


Jonathan Clarke, Georgia Institute of Technology

Vice-President, Planning

David Cicero, Auburn University

Vice-President, Program (2021 Program)

April Knill, Florida State University

Vice-President, Program Elect (2022 Program)

Larry Fauver, University of Tennessee



Executive Director 

Ed Nelling, Drexel University

Vice-President Finance 

Jon Fulkerson, University of Dayton

Elected Directors 

Alex Butler, Rice University

Connie Mao, Temple University

Shawn Mobbs, University of Alabama

Lalitha Naveen, Temple University

Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee

Rongrong Zhang, Georgia Southern University

Site Title

Editors,The Financial Review

Srinivasan Krishnamurthy, North Carolina State University

Richard Warr, North Carolina State University

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