EFA Leadership


Chair, Trustees 

Anne Anderson, Middle Tennessee State University


Michael Goldstein, Babson College

Vice-President, Planning

Jonathan Clarke, Georgia Institute of Technology

Vice-President, Program

David Cicero, Auburn University

Vice-President, Program Elect

April Knill, Florida State University



Executive Director 

Ed Nelling, Drexel University

Vice-President Finance 

Jon Fulkerson, University of Dayton

Elected Directors 

Alex Butler, Rice University

Ann Marie Hibbert, West Virginia University

Alex Kurov, West Virginia University​

Connie Mao, Temple University

Lalitha Naveen, Temple University

Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee

Site Title

Editors,The Financial Review

Srinivasan Krishnamurthy, North Carolina State University

Richard Warr, North Carolina State University

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